Why Us?

Innovative Digital Systems offers so much more than the ordinary digital equipment company.  What makes IDS unique is that we not only provide the equipment and installation, but we are using the machines every day.  With our contract decoration department, IDS is running the machines that we are providing you.  The other part of this is, if you are not ready to purchase a machine, we can decorate your products until you are.

With this knowledge base, IDS stands out as an expert on every aspect of our equipment!

Digital Printing Integrators

Innovative Digital Systems is a digital print integration company specializing in industrial digital print solutions covering the key components from ink development, in-house testing, software applications and comprehensive technical support in this emerging technology.

We have over 30 years experience in the product decoration industry and we can offer you a total decorating solution for your digital printing application.

Take the step now to integrate the efficient digital printing process to your production line.