Custom Digital Equipment


With our specialized line of printers, we are able to customize these machines to best suit your printing needs!



Mach 1 Digital Modular Printer




High Speed Printing Integration


High speed LED or UV modular printing system for decorating a wide range of industrial products with precision. Printing solutions for short runs to long production runs with quick changeover. Variable data ready.


  • Sturdy black anodized aluminum frame with heavy duty casters and leveling feet
  • Industrial bulk and ink supply system
    • Easy access bulk ink system containers to allow for economic delivery of ink to printhead control systems. Recirculator for white ink to keep pigment ink evenly mixed for precise control applications. Sub-tanks are vacuum balanced.
  • Laser protective beam
  • Printhead assembly has easy access to perform routine cleaning and maintenance
  • Servo controlled precision material handling.


Mach1 Specifications
Konica Minolta 1024
PH Channels8
Width2.7″ (72mm)
Print SpeedUp to 80 Feet per Minute
Print Resolution360dpi
1-7 Drops per Pixel (3 bit data)
Variable Drop Size
Ink Capacity1 Liter per Color, Bulk Ink System
Print HeightUp to 11″ (279mm)
Platen13″ x 13″ with Double Shuttle (330mm x 330mm)
Power220V, 1PH, 45A
Environment Temperature68°F – 95°F Ambient (20 – 35°C)
Humidity35% – 65% Rh (No Condensation)
Floor Dimensions48″ (W) x 87″ (L) x 82″ (H)
1219mm (W) x 2210mm (L) x 2083mm (H)
Weight800 lbs.
Conveyor12″ (W) x 86″ (L)
305mm (W) x 2184mm (L)


Revolution 360


High Speed 360º Digital Printing

Introducing the latest innovation from Innovative Digital Systems, the Revolution 360º.  The Revolution 360º is a UV-LED curable inkjet printer that is engineered specifically for printing directly on cylindrical objects such as wine bottles and water bottles.


The Revolution allows printing onto cylindrical objects ranging in lengths between 4.3 in. to 13 in. (110mm to 330mm) and an outer diameter between 1.5 in. and 4.7 in. (40mm to 120mm).  Utilizing environmentally friendly UV-LED curing technology, the Revolution 360º offers the capability to digitally print directly on a wide range of materials including metal, glass, paper substrates, wood and plastic. The standard print area length of the Revolution is 2.9 in. (75mm) extendable up to 5.9 in. (150mm) with the option of two UV lamps running in tandem. Other features include:

  • Seamless 360º printing around the circumference of the substrate.
  • Support to print text, logos, gradients and photos.
  • Maximum resolution of 600 x 900 dpi.
  • Supports white and the automatic application of varnish and primer.
  • Automatic ink monitoring and white ink circulation system.
  • Print head maintenance mode for automatic purging, wiping and capping.


Revolution 360º Specifications
PrintheadDOD piezo electric grayscale print heads, automatic voltage and temperature control
Maximum Resolution600 x 900
InkUV Curable C, M, Y, K, W ink
Ink Capacity300mL per color
Maximum Print SizeStandard 2.9” (75mm), Optional 5.9” (150mm)
Substrate SizeWidth: 1.5 in. and 4.7 in. (40mm to 120mm)
Length: 4.3 in. to 13 in. (110mm to 330mm)
UV deviceUV-LED
InterfaceGigabit Ethernet
File FormatsJPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS
EnvironmentTemperature: 78°-86°F (20º to 30ºC)
Humidity: 40-70% (Recommended)
Dust: Equivalent to normal office level
ElectricalSingle phase 220V±10% (50/60Hz, AC); 7 Amps Maximum; 1KW
Dimensions54.1″ x 27″ x 57.3″ (1375mm x 685mm x 1455mm)


Revolution 360º Printer


Turbo 1001 Digital Inkjet Printer




Speed, Power, Resolution & Customization

The Turbo 1001 is designed expressly for the needs of the industrial printing and promotional product marketplace. Print the entire 20″ x 24″ (500 x 620mm) print area in only 90 seconds! The Turbo’s industrial design allows for constant printing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • High speed unidirectional or bidirectional printing
  • Adjustable height up to 10.8″ (275 mm)
  • 500mm x 620mm print area
  • Dual table & shuttle mode for increased productivity


Turbo 1001 Specifications
6 Heads, Ricoh Gen 4
Print SpeedHigh Speed Unidirectional or Bidirectional Printing
Print ResolutionMax Resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi
Ink Capacity1 Liter per Color, Bulk Ink System
Print Height5.7″ Standard Height, Optional 11″
Platen24″ x 19″ with Double Shuttle (610mm x 483mm)
Power220V, 1PH, 45A
Environment Temperature70°F – 80°F Ambient (21 – 26°C)
Humidity40% – 60% Rh (No Condensation)
Floor Dimensions80″ (W) x 100″ (L) x 60″ (H)
2032mm (W) x 2540mm (L) x 1524mm (H)
Weight1950 lbs.



DTP Combi Inkjet Printer




UV-LED Inkjet Printer


DTP Combi is a true flatbed UV-LED inkjet printer designed for efficient, versatile, medium-volume print production. The DTP Combi also supports a separate and dedicated roll media option that perfectly matches with the flatbed table.


  • Equipped for both flatbed printing of rigid material and roll-to-roll printing of films
  • Effectively prints short runs and on demand printing
  • Prints on flexible media up to 770mm (30″) wie in either first or second surface
  • Proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control techology for sharper images


DTP-Combi Specifications
Ink SystemUV curable CMYK inks 300 mL main ink

tank for each color

Print System
    • DOD piezo electric grayscale print heads,

automatic voltge and temperature control

    • Single or double LED lamps iwth air cooled
    • Austomatic Print Head Maintenance Module for

purging, wiping and capping

FormatsAll popular desktop file formats, including


Media Type
    • Automatically detect the thickness of media
    • Media up to 200mm (7.87″) in height
    • Support PVC, wood, glass, foam board, arcylic, tile,

metal, plywood, plastic, etc.

RIP and User Interface
    • ColorPRINT RIP Software
    • Control panel with color LDC display panel
    • Printer Control Software (PCS)
ConnectivityHigh speed USB 2.0 interface