Digitally Decorating Your Brand

By Lindsey McCay, Marketing Specialist Innovative Digital Systems, LLC / Technology

Effectively targeting customers in ways that successfully leads to future business is a constant crusade.  With online search engines and social media platforms becoming the main source of information about a brand for consumers, it would seem that tangible forms of advertising are going to eventually fade out.  This however, is not the case, being able to see and hold a product still creates a lasting impression in consumers.

Promotional products serve as an effective marketing tool when executed properly.  Cheap products that are poorly decorated will never improve a company’s image.  The most powerful way to do so, is with a useful product that has high quality graphics.  A giveaway has much better staying power when it is something that can be used time and time again.  Some products with the best staying power are:

  • Writing Instruments
  • Drinkware
  • Desk & Office Accessories
  • Awards & Trophies
  • USBs

With these items decorated in high quality and eye catching graphics, consumers are more likely to retain the product.  This keeps the brand or company message in the consumer’s mind for as long as they have the giveaway.

Decorating these products digitally gives marketers and advertisers a lot of room for creativity.  With digital decoration, it is incredibly easy to promptly change designs on a product.  This allows for giveaways to be customized for one specific event or potential customer.  Producing products for a onetime event can be done with a qucik turnaround time, while still having excellent graphics.  Times when customized promotional products would be advantageous are:

  • Sales Meetings
  • Improving Employee Relations
  • Motivating Customers to Take Action
  • Thanking Customers for Business
  • Increasing Traffic at Trade Shows
  • Online Giveaways
  • Community Events
  • Launching New Products or Services
  • Company Sponsored Events
  • Breaking the Ice with Customers

Innovative Digital Systems has worked closely with promotional product companies, marketing agencies and directly with businesses to digitally decorate promotional products.  We have directly seen how these items provide businesses with numerous advantages that can lead to more customers and sales.  With our experienced graphics and production teams, we are able to produce the best products in the shortest time possible to help businesses grow and better promote their brands.

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