Mimaki UJF-3042HG

The UJF-3042HG inkjet printer enables printing on a wide range of substrates by direct printing on an A3 size bed (420 x 297mm). This printer brings even more capabilities to desktop LED UV inkjet printing. Maximum height for print materials is expanded to 150mm (5.9″) and Mimaki has also added two print channels to enable 6-color printing plus white and clear. This produces attractive, higher definition output with high quality gradations that cannot be achieved as easily with 4-color printing.

The UJF-3042HG also features a newly developed white ink circulation system that prevents pigment sedimentation. This improves the yeild of white ink for more efficient consumption and reduced waste, but it also benefits production throughput with less risk of waste of expensive substrates.

Mimaki UJF-3042HG

Mimaki UJF-3042HG. Check out our UJF-3042 Series digital printer table, which offers increased stability and convenient and secure shelved storage for the UJF-3042HG.


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Includes RasterLink Pro 5 RIP Software

The Rasterlink Pro Series is Mimaki’s user-friendly, new generation RIP software. Equipped with 16-bit rendering, the software fully enables the advanced features of Mimaki printers such as smooth gradations, white layer printing, continuous print and cut, color replacement and other versatile options.

UJF-3042HG Specifications
Printhead On-demand Piezo head
Print Resolution 720 × 600 dpi, 1,440 × 1,200 dpi
Ink Hard UV curable ink: LH-100, LF-140, LF-200
Ink Capacity 220 ml / cartridge or 600 ml ink packs
Inkjet primer PR-100 (220 ml ink cartridge / 600 ml ink pack)
Maximum Print Size Width: 300mm (11.8″), Length : 420mm (16.5″)
Media Width Width: 364mm (14.3″), Length : 463mm (18.2″)
Thickness Max. 50mm (1.97″)
Weight Less than 5 kg (11 lbs)
UV technology Equipped with UV Light Emitting Diodes
Interface USB 2.0
Power requirements AC100V – 240V ± 10 % / below 0.5 kVA
Operational environment Temperature 20 – 35°C (68 – 95°F)
Humidity 35 – 65 % Rh
Dust Equivalent to normal office level
Weight Approx. 129.9kg (286.6 lbs.)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1,200mm x 970mm x 770mm (47.2″ x 38.2″ x 30.3″)
Included w/ Purchase

The following items and supplies are included with the purchase of a Mimaki UJF-3042HG digital printer:

  • UJF-3042HG Printer
  • 1 x ink starter kit of your choice in ink and ink volume
  • UJF UV Cleaning kit with cleaning fluid
  • Mimaki RasterLink Pro 5 Software RIP (PC only)
  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • One year manufacturers parts and labor warranty

Optional Items


Please note that properties, adhesion, weather resistance, etc.of ink and substrates can vary. You must test the material before printing. Some substrates may require primer.

600ml ink packs require eco cartridges (Part No. OPT-J0237). Eco cartridges are empty reusable cartridges for 600ml ink packs.

Clear ink is not available for LF-140 inks. However, LH-100 clear ink can be used in combination with LF-140 inks.

Mimaki PR-100 Inkjet primer cannot be used in conjunction with Mimaki LF200 inks.

Ink Type Description Part No.
LH-100 “Hard” UV Ink 220ml cartridge SPC-0659 C/Y/M/K/W/CL
600ml ink pack SPC-0597 C/Y/M/K/W/CL
LF-140 “Semi-Flex” UV Ink 220ml cartridge SPC-0727 C/Y/M/K/Lc/Lm/W
600ml ink pack SPC-0728 C/Y/M/K/Lc/Lm/W
LF-200 “Flexible” UV Ink 220ml cartridge SPC-0660 C/Y/M/K/W/CL
600ml ink pack SPC-0591 C/Y/M/K/W/CL
PR-100 Primer 220ml cartridge SPC-0731
600ml ink pack SPC-0732
IDS Jettable Primer 2 x 220ml cartridges IDS-PR-604
Reusable Eco Cases 8 x reusable cases w/ labels for 600ml ink packs OPT-J0237