Adhesion Promoters & Jettable Primer

Our adhesion promoters are optically clear primers ideal for multiple uses where strong ink bonds are required. Our promoters substantially improve ink adhesion to a multitude of surfaces and enhance color density as well as clarity of the printed color on the substrate.

We offer three types of adhesion promoters that enhance adhesion on a wide range of surfaces: glass, metal, tile, plastics, as well as foam and rubber substrates. These high performance adhesion promoters are formulated with specific chemical properties to enable UV & UV LED inks to obtain superior adherence on common problematic substrates improving the printability of the ink on these difficult materials.

Developed from Innovative Digital Systems’ detailed history and understanding of decorating on rigid and non-rigid materials, our adhesion promoters create a superior chemical bond between digital UV inks and the substrate surface. The use of IDS-PR series promoters will modify the surface chemistry of the substrate and as a result the potential print quality may be further enhanced. IDS-PR series adhesion promoters are available in 1-liter bottles.


  • Improves performance properties of UV ink on surfaces that are notorious for adhesion problems.
  • Superior rub and scratch resistance of ink on the substrate
  • Provides a great bond for UV ink
  • Easy application, quick drying

Jettable Primer

Our jettable primer is compatible with Mimaki UJF-3042 series, UJF-6042 and our own Mach1 high-speed in-line printer and allows for priming on the part only where it’s needed and takes place automatically as part of the printing process.  The automatic primer application system used with the IDS-PR-604 jettable primer simplifies the pre-priming process, which usually must be applied manually by wiping or spraying. Simply insert the cartridge of jettable primer into the ink slot of your Mimaki printer and then set the appropriate parameters to utilize primer application.

Jettable primer dramatically reduces consumption and waste of the primer compared to manual application methods. Our jettable primer is available in 220ml cartridges.


Need Assistance?

Do you have questions regarding our adhesion promoters or primers? Call our Sales Department. Our sales team can answer all your questions including technical information or custom requirements. We’re available to assist you Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM EST.