Custom UJF-3042 series & UJF-6042 Fixtures / Jigs

Our custom fixtures are precision machined to ensure your artwork is precisely printed in the correct location on each part every time.  Print location reliability and repeatability is a must for proper registration and automation of large print jobs to reduce scrap, speed up print production and reduce labor costs.

We can create both simple and complex tooling in order to accommodate even the most complicated parts. Simple single layer fixtures are typically constructed from acrylic material while more complex multilayer fixtures are engineered from Sintra. Both materials are resistant to warping and damage from accidental drops or impacts.

We follow a simple 5-step procedure to create part fixtures:

  1. Evaluate parts.
  2. Configure part layout for maximum part count on the fixture.
  3. Send customer layout approval proof.
  4. Once approved, fixtures are created.
  5. Customer receives fixtures along with artwork template.

Typical turnaround times for our fixtures are 1-2 weeks depending on complexity.

Recommended Purchase


Fixture tray locks

In order to ensure proper placement of your custom fixture on the print bed of your machine, a single set of tray locks is needed per printer. These tray locks are spring loaded to “lock” the fixture to the print bed and ensure proper orientation and registration of the fixture.

Our tray locks include an upper and lower lock and all necessary hardware to secure the mechanism to the bed of the printer.

New Rotary Tooling

We now have a Rotary Tool Fixture. If your machine is different from our Revolution 360° T we will work on other manufactured machinery to get you the perfect rotary fixture for your conical printing needs. The ease of use creating easy transitions between conical products for a faster production rate.

Need Assistance?

Do you have questions regarding our custom fixtures/jigs? Call our Sales Department. Our sales team can answer all your questions about our tooling and fixtures including technical information or discussing your custom requirements. We’re available to assist you Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM EST.