Custom Digital Equipment


With our specialized line of printers, we are able to customize these machines to best suit your printing needs!


Mach 1 Digital Modular Printer


High Speed Printing Integration


High speed LED or UV modular printing system for decorating a wide range of industrial products with precision. Printing solutions for short runs to long production runs with quick changeover. Variable data ready.


Revolution 360° T

High Speed 360º Digital Printing

Introducing the latest innovation from Innovative Digital Systems, the Revolution 360ºT.  The Revolution 360ºT is a UV-LED curable inkjet printer that is engineered specifically for printing directly on cylindrical objects such as wine bottles and water bottles.


Turbo 1001 Digital Inkjet Printer



Speed, Power, Resolution & Customization

The Turbo 1001 is designed expressly for the needs of the industrial printing and promotional product marketplace. Print the entire 20″ x 24″ (500 x 620mm) print area in only 90 seconds! The Turbo’s industrial design allows for constant printing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


DTP Combi Inkjet Printer


UV-LED Inkjet Printer

DTP Combi is a true flatbed UV-LED inkjet printer designed for efficient, versatile, medium-volume print production. The DTP Combi also supports a separate and dedicated roll media option that perfectly matches with the flatbed table.