We manufacture a wide variety of products to integrate into your existing workflow and make them safer, more efficient and profitable. Our 360° tool and our hydraulic lift kit extend the functionality of your Mimaki UJF series printer beyond it’s original capabilities to create a machine that is more extensible and flexible. Our digital printer tables ensure your printer operates on a stable and sturdy surface to safeguard against premature failures and ensure proper registration . We create custom fixtures/jigs to enable precision, repeatability and maximum production throughput when printing large batches of parts. Along with our custom formulated inks, primers and adhesion promoters, we produce a range of products that ensure quality, durability and maximum profitability from your equipment.

Custom Part Fixtures / Jigs

We custom machine part fixtures and jigs to accommodate even the most complicated print requirements. Our fixtures are custom machined to ensure your artwork prints in the same location every time as well as accommodating the maximum amount of parts per bed. We can create both simple and complex tooling which will enable you to speed up production, minimize scrap and cut labor costs.

Kebab Option: 360-degree direct printing on cylindrical products

The Kebab option enables printing on cylindrical objects ranging from about one to 13 inches in length, with a diameter from 0.4 to 4.33 inches. Add this option to a UJF-3042HG or UJF-6042 model produce custom products such as personalized beverage bottles, candles, vases, cans, etc.