UJF-3042 Series & UJF-6042 Printer Table

Our printer table is built specifically for the Mimaki UJF-3042 series and UJF-6042 flatbed digital printers.  The table is constructed of lightweight, clear anodized t-slotted aluminum and HDPE plastic. The table performs two main functions, machine stability and lockable storage for your machine’s supplies.

Due to the top-heavy design of the UJF-3042 and UJF-6042 “table-top” printers, a notable vibration is created on each pass. This is mostly due to the 300 lb. weight of the gantry. Excessive printer vibration can cause premature and potentially expensive wear and tear on the critical parts and components of the machine as well as possible print and registration problems. Our digital printer table provides a stable counterweight with solid footing underneath the printer to eliminate excessive vibration and provide a level surface to aid in the quality of prints and print registration.

The table is fitted with rubber feet that absorb excessive motion and we offer optional heavy duty leveling casters that will enable you to effortlessly move your machine as needed while still offering the same level of vibration protection.

The UJF-3042 series and UJF-6042 printer table also offers lockable storage that enables you to keep your supplies close to your machine for added convenience while still maintaining the security of a locked closet. The built in storage closet contains integrated shelving to enable organization of your ink and other consumables. The shelving is constructed of aluminum for easy cleanup of mishaps such as accidental spills or leaking containers.

Included with Purchase

  • Mounting hardware and brackets
  • Aluminum shelving
  • Cabinet lock keys


UJF-3042 Printer Table

  • Table Width: 21.5 inches
  • Table Height: 29.75 inches
  • Table Depth: 32.25 inches
  • Table Weight: 72 lbs. **

UJF-6042 Printer Table

  • Table Width: 33.5 inches
  • Table Height: 29.75 inches
  • Table Depth: 32.25 inches
  • Table Weight: 90 lbs. **

** Weight is calculated from base table model with standard rubber feet.

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Need Assistance?

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